Thread Seal Tape

Ideal for sealing of threaded joints made of steel, malleable iron, PVC or CPVC in cold and hot water and compressed air installations, offering protection against oxidation, rust and seizing. They have low chemical reactivity, withstanding liquids and gases used in industrial plants, including acids, bases, combustible lubricants, gases, etc.

Maximum strength and safety with less turns. Higher density, sealing quality, being ideal for metallic installations and large works. Sizes available: 18mmX25m, 18mmx50m, 24mmx50m. They meet specifications provisioned in BS 7786; ASTM D 6585 – Type I and ABNT NBR 16368 standards, providing characteristics that exceeds the requirements of this latter standard.

Extra Thread Seal Tape

Practicality and cost savings with the Tupy quality that you are already familiar with. Ideal for home services and installations that require quality and safety in each turn. Available in sizes 18mmx10m, 18mmx25m and 18mmx50m. They meet ABNT 16368 specifications.

Classic Thread Seal Tape


Get to know the complete Tupy portfolio in the Pipe Fittings and Continuous Cast Iron Bars segment for use in AutoCAD™ and integrated quotation. Greater speed and perfection for your projects. Download it for free.

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Electronic Catalog

Our electronic catalog gathers the portfolio of products developed by Tupy offering functionalities that help professionals and provide an interaction that will be beneficial to everyone involved in the supply chain.
The Electronic Catalog can be exported in text (.txt) or table (.xls) formats, to facilitate reading and evaluation of the available items.

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