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Own development of advanced cutting and manufacturing technology in the strictest operations with alloys, such as compacted graphite iron of high mechanical strength and high abrasion;

Machining engineering fully prepared and working on projects and process projects and designs, including machines and equipment, fastening and control devices highly flexible, and complex geometries of cutting tools;

Expert engineering teams in several fabrication ranges, composed by professionals holding master and doctorate degrees with large experience;

Concepts of processes and production means of high efficiency at low costs, leading to high competitiveness in the casting and machining markets.

Machining centers with high flexibility in dedicated and flexible layouts, providing services for a wide range of parts and variable demands, in large and small fabrication batches;

Adoption of Industry 4.0 tools and Digital Transformation methods provides dynamic evolution of product quality, productivity and assertiveness in strategic decisions;

Concurrent engineering techniques with casting engineering, including virtual simulation, enable new short-term developments, better support to the customer and significant reductions of costs and investments;

Group with total expertise for the development of new technologies in machining, its concepts and means, performing with innovative mind in terms of development and simplification.





machining centers


special machining equipment


near employees




machining centers


special machining equipment


near employees

Resources available

The whole machining process is carried out internally with more than 30 specialized engineers in Brazil and Mexico. Check the available technological resources

CNC machines for tool sharpening and fabrication

Measurement and impurities laboratories

Product traceability system

Equipment sized to meet precise and strict tolerances (measurement, tools, machining)

More than 60 robots for control of products, machine loading/unloading components assembly at ambient or subzero temperatures, and washing with the strictest dirt grades in the industry.

Wall thickness and internal soundness controls by ultrasound before and after machining, and later.

More than 10 coordinates measurement machines (CMM), interconnected and flexible, to support all the product ranges and sizes

Shape error measurement machines

Vision system for traceability, inspections/dimensional control and product soundness records before shipment to customer

Production and Quality System Tools

  • 5S

  • Standard Operation

  • Work Station Management (GPT)

  • TPM with emphasis in autonomous maintenance, planned maintenance and continuous improvements

  • Lessons learned

  • Poka Yokes

  • Trend Analysis and decision-making in real time

  • Traceability of the individual serial number by part.

  • Intercommunication of production means and Coordinator Measures Machine (CMMs)


  • Rainwater collection for use in coolant

  • Reuse of coolant by decantation

  • Isolation and sealing of fluid reservoirs to prevent leaks

  • Emergency kits for containment of leaks and their impacts

  • Use of returnable packages

  • Reuse of briquettes, which in addition to transforming “machining waste” chips into high-quality raw material for casting, enables extracting almost all the cutting tools, minimizing its loss by drag with the chips

Existing technologies

  • Fluid and chip control

  • Chip pressing for briquette production

  • Fluid Center

Measurement means

  • Measurement (statistical) data collection system

  • Bar roughness and control measurement

  • Coordinates Measurement machines (CMM)

  • Camera systems for inspection, control and traceability

Development of honing process

  • Verification of texture quality assisted by scanning electron microscope (partner laboratory)

  • Trend monitoring of critical honing parameters for engine performance

Development of special processes (ultrasound measurement of walls)

  • Product equalization based on the wall thicknesses of final cylinders

  • Automated cells with robots

  • Impurity Test Laboratory

  • Project, development, fabrication, sharpening and preset of cut tools to meet the strictest specifications in high-pressure galleries and chambers.

We have leading-edge technology equipment, supplied by manufacturers renowned worldwide, such as

  • Cannon
  • DEA
  • DMG Mori
  • Grob
  • Hanna
  • Heller
  • Iscar
  • Kennametal
  • Mapal
  • Marposs
  • Mazak
  • Mitsubishi
  • Nagel
  • Okuma
  • Renishaw
  • Sandvik
  • Seco
  • Walter
  • Zeiss
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