To assure compliance with specifications provisioned in ASME B16.11 (mechanical and chemical properties of the material and fitting sizes), Tupy Forged fittings are available with two coupling types: NPT Thread (THR) and Socket Weld (SW). In case of threaded couplings, these ends meet ASME 61.20.1 standard (NPT thread). They are primarily manufactured for high pressure and/or high temperature industrial plants, being applied in liquid and gas fuel installations, hydraulic systems at high pressures (oil or pneumatic), and steam plants.

Tupy Forged fittings are made of forged carbon steel ASTM A105, which minimum mechanical properties are tensile strength 485 MPa and yield strength 250 MPa.


Tupy Forged fittings are protected with anti-corrosion oil.


For greater safety and assurance, Tupy Forged fittings are traceable based on the manufacturing lot number engraved on the parts, as required by ASTM 105 and ASME B16.11 standards.

Quality System

Industry: Steam, fuel gas, oil, lubricant, etc.
Civil Construction:Gas (LPG).
Inputs: construction of machines, equipment, etc.



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